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How to attract clients and get more bookings on the Solo Marketplace

If you've listed your business on the Solo Marketplace, we're here to help you improve your website and attract more clients. We're dedicated to driving customers to the platform by using Facebook ads, Google search ads, and other SEO techniques. Over the next few months, we're also collaborating with influencers and partnering with renowned brands like Sienna X and Lash Perfect to bring even more customers to the platform.

With more professionals joining the marketplace, here are some practical tips to make your listing stand out:

1. Eye-catching banner image

Choose a visually appealing image that represents your brand and catches potential clients' attention. Showcase your best work, use a professional photo of yourself, or incorporate your logo to make a strong first impression.

2. Build trust with a great lookbook

Create a comprehensive lookbook that displays your expertise and highlights your best work. Use high quality images and give clients a glimpse of your professional setup to build trust and inspire confidence.

3. Highlight your qualifications

Use your business description to emphasise your qualifications, certifications, and any specialisations you have. Don't be shy about showcasing your achievements!

4. Leverage the power of reviews

Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews after their appointment with you. Positive reviews act as testimonials and help build trust with potential clients. Displaying these reviews boosts your credibility and attracts new clients.

5. Maximise your availability

Open up your calendar with a wide range of available slots to accommodate different scheduling preferences. Offering flexibility increases your chances of securing bookings from potential clients who value convenience and options.


Get ready to showcase your skills, build trust, and watch your business flourish on the Solo Marketplace!