💸 Payment options on Solo

With Solo we provide various options for taking payment for your bookings. This includes online payments, bank transfers or cash payments

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Online payments
Manual Collection

Online payments 

Solo allows you to securely take online payments for bookings. Not only does this provide a seamless experience for your customers, this also enables you to take upfront payments and deposits to protect you from last minute cancellations and lost income. 



  • Capture online card payments 
  • Send payment reminders
  • Take deposits or payment upfront and protect yourself against cancellations and no shows
  • Live payment notifications and status updates 

ℹī¸ You will need a Stripe account in order to take online payments. Stripe is a secure payment processing platform. 

Click here to set up your Stripe Account

Manual Collection 

You can choose to set your payment preferences to manual collection. This allows you to manually log a payment from your clients in the form of a bank transfer, cash, card machine or other. 

Note - manual collection means that payments are not tracked. You will not receive any notification of payment and you will have to manually log when you have collected payment from each client 

Here's how you log a manual payment 

  1. Click into the booking that you wish to log a payment for 
  2. Scroll down to payments 
  3. Click on + add payment 
  4. Enter the monetary amount that you wish to log payment for 
  5. Choose the form of payment. You can choose from: cash, bank transfer, card machine, other
  6. Toggle on/off if the payment is a deposit 
  7. Click create paymentBank-1

đŸ”Ĩ Solo tip - We strongly recommend using online payments. Not only does this option provide a seamless experience for both you and your customer, it also allows you to take deposits upfront and enforce a cancellation policy to protect you from last minute cancellations and lost income. 

Online payments are tracked which also means you will be able to see the live status of payments, send client reminders and receive notifications each time you get paid.