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Secret Spa powered by Solo

Solo is the all-in-one solution for independent entrepreneurs in beauty & wellness and the software that powers our Secret Spa pro's. It gives you access to multiple marketplaces including Secret Spa to help grow your brand & boost your income.

What is Solo?

Solo is the all-in-one app to help self-employed professionals in beauty, hair and wellness build a thriving business. 

In the UK, over 60% of the hair, beauty and wellness workforce are self-employed. 

However, the current software is built for salon and spa operators rather than individual professionals. Solo changes this by transferring the power to the individual and enabling them to build a distinct business. 

I have applied to Secret Spa, why do I need to create a Solo listing?

Applicants to the Secret Spa marketplace will automatically be put forward for the Solo marketplace launching end of May.

The Secret Spa marketplace is for the best of the best, and it is soon to become even more elite. All Secret Spa professionals are thoroughly vetted by our onboarding team who review Solo listings to be put forward for Secret Spa on a monthly basis. 

To fast track your application, please ensure to include the following in your Solo listing:

  • Your treatment menu & treatment descriptions (be sure to include any notable brands you use e.g. Sienna X Spray tan, LVL Lash Lift by Nouveau Lashes)
  • Business details (be sure to include a bit about you, your qualifications, years of experience and any notable achievements)
  • Look book - we love seeing pictures of your work,  set up and kit. 
  • Reviews

What are the differences between Solo and Secret Spa?


Solo Private Client & Marketplace Bookings

Secret Spa Marketplace bookings

Treatment, durations & prices

You decide your treatment menu, durations and prices. Solo does not take a commission on private clients. 

Secret Spa determines these amounts and takes a commission on all bookings. 

Booking locations

You can choose where you want to work e.g. home, mobile, in the salon

All Secret Spa bookings are to be carried out in the customers requested home/office/hotel etc


You decide which brands you want to carry in your kit and how to conduct your treatments

Secret Spa only works with the best brands. We have strict onboarding requirements and often Secret Shop to ensure that quality is consistent across the platform

Booking types

All bookings that come through Solo are a request. This means you can accept/decline the booking, even when you are set to available

When you open availability on Secret Soa you are confirming that you are available to complete any booking that comes in. Canceling within 48 hrs of the booking will incur a £20 fine


You can choose how you want your profile to look including branding, reviews bio & look book

Secret Spa will create your own profile which is uniform across the platform

How much does it cost?

Solo is free to sign up and try with support, no credit card needed. Please view our pricing page here for details about our subscription packages.