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πŸ’³ Take upfront payment & deposits

Taking payment upfront helps protect you from last minute cancellations and no-shows

  1. Click on settings 
  2. Click on payments 
  3. Select payment methods & deposits. Here you can choose your default settings for payments and deposits.
  4. Set your preferences for taking payments. You can set different preferences for new and existing clients by changing the toggle at the top. You can choose between taking a percentage or fixed amount.
    Note: new clients are clients not in your Solo client book.   


    At checkout - recommended 
    How this works:
    • The client will input card details when they request the booking on your website.
    • We will hold the funds on the client’s card.
    • The charge will be processed when you confirm the booking.
    • You have 6 days to confirm, or the booking will be declined.
    • If you decline the booking, your client will receive an instant refund, and no payment processing charge will apply.
    • This method is recommended to protect against cancellations, no-shows and lost income. 
    Upon approval
    How this works:
    • Clients can request to book via your website without entering their card details.
    • When you approve the booking, the client will receive a secure link to pay in their booking confirmation email.
    • You can override this on a per-booking basis when confirming the booking.
    1. Client saved card (only available if an online deposit was paid either at checkout or upon approval)
    2. In-person using a QR code
    3. Card payment via a secure link
    4. Manual payment (e.g. cash or BACS)

Collect the remaining payment at the booking

Once the booking has been completed you can decide how to collect the outstanding payment:

  • Client saved card (only available if an online payment has been taken previously)
  • In-person using QR code
  • Card payment via a secure link
  • Manual payment (e.g. cash or BACS)

πŸ”₯ Tip - We strongly recommend taking deposits upfront to protect yourself from lost income in the event of a last-minute cancellation or no-show. This is also particularly useful for new clients.