Customer tips

Enhance your earnings through your exceptional services with customer tipping.

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Tips from customers can significantly contribute to your revenue, and our in-app tipping feature simplifies this process for your customers.

Solo provides a secure, user-friendly, and cash-free method for your customers to express their gratitude for your services. After completing their appointment, customers will receive an automatic prompt to leave a discretionary tip, calculated as a percentage of their total booking value.

To enable customer tipping:

In order to receive tips through the Solo app, you must enable online payments for your bookings and have a connected Stripe account.

Please note, if you are taking manual payment for your bookings e.g cash or bank transfer, the tipping functionality will not be available.

Click here for more information on how to set up your stripe account. 

All payments including tips processed via Stripe incur a 1.6% + 30p processing fee. 

How to increase customer tips:

Encouraging clients to leave a tip without coming off as pushy can be a delicate matter. Here are a few suggestions to increase your tips:

  • Provide an exceptional service:
    The most important factor in receiving tips is the quality of your service. Clients are more likely to tip generously when they're pleased with their experience.

  • Personalise the treatment:
    Understand and cater to each client's individual needs. The more personalised your service, the more valued your clients will feel, increasing the likelihood of them leaving a tip.
  • Professionalism:
    Maintain a high level of professionalism. This means punctuality, cleanliness, and respecting your client's time. Be mindful of the environment your client is after - do they want to chat or do they want some peace and quiet throughout the treatment?
  • Do something special:
    It's important to leave a lasting impression on your clients, so consider offering them something at the end of the appointment such as a relaxation tea or chocolate to ensure they end the treatment on a high. 
  • Promote the tipping feature:

    Highlight the new tipping feature on your social media channels or website. You don’t have to ask for tips directly, instead, you can mention that it's now easier for clients to show their appreciation for your work.